About me

Put your mind at ease. The Certification renewed yearly from NAHA. The rest of the story is below…come see.

I would love to show you the path to natural wellness using essential oils.

I started to train in holistic medicine, with herbs over thirty years ago.  I took Introductory and Intermediate courses through The Herbal Academy of New England, made tea, decoctions, tinctures and the like.  As much as I love the herbs-the growing, the harvest, the using of.  I also dabbled in the aromatherapy, fascinated by the oils.  I started with simple classes, free Classes, my interest growing and growing.   I have completed aromatherapy studies through Aromahead Institute and am a NAHA Level 2 Aromatherapist. The course included 235 hours of study, Anatomy & Physiology, 20 case studies and a 14-page research paper. 

All this time I was working at my day job.  Traveling and working in retail pharmacies, I would hear women talk about essential oils.  Sometimes they would be correct, most times not so much.  I would use my limited knowledge to try to steer them to safety.  When a woman said, I love to rub this oil all over my body, I knew I had to expand my knowledge in aromatherapy.

I have also taken classes through Natururopathic CE on AromaPharmacokinetics, and Aroma Chemistry. I am currently studing Natural Perfumery through the Herbal Academy of New England.

Happy Blending,


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