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Dilution of essential oils! Learn why it’s important.

Dilution of essential oils is the most important thing to learn in aromatherapy.

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Dilution of essential oils is sometimes tricky, what size bottle, jar or tin are we using? Did we double or halve the recipe?

Most of the time, that is an easy equation to figure out: 5-6 drops per 30 ml of carrier.
That should be the end of my blog…but it is not.

What about the oils that we must use in low dilution? Say a .07%? How do we figure that out?
I do not want to make 30 ml of anything, just a 10 ml rollerball…. how much essential oil is that?
Or a 5 ml bottle—I use those a lot.

Uses for essential oils are in the chart below, note the dilution rate for specific issues.

DilutionUsed for
1%Face, children, pregnant women, immune compromised
2%Daily use, massage oils, larger area of body
3%Specific injury of muscle, tendon or bone
4%Local area such as chest congestion
5% or aboveSevere pain, muscle cramps, bruising

Easy to use dilution tables for various sizes of bottles:

DilutionBottle sizeDrops of stock blend
1%5 ml 1 drop
2%5 ml2 drops
3%5 ml3 drops
4%5 ml4 drops
5%5 ml5 drops
10%5 ml10 drops
Best to use a stock blend then add to a carrier oil
DilutionBottle SizeDrops of essential oil
.50%10 ml1 drop
1%10 ml2 drops
2%10 ml4 drops
3%10 ml6 drops
4%10 ml8 drops
5%10 ml10 drops
10%10 ml20 drops
This size is great for 10 ml rollerballs
DilutionBottle SizeDrops of essential oil
1%30 ml5-6 drops
2%30 ml10-12 drops
3%30 ml15-18 drops
4%30 ml20-24 drops
5%30 ml25-30 drops
30 ml= approximately 2 Tablespoons (29.57 ml)

Do your research on oils that have dermal restrictions, such as Phenols or Aldehydes.

Image by Irina Ilina from Pixabay

Using these dilutions is important in helping to modulate various issues that may arise.

Whether it is a pulled muscle that needs a massage oil or a cough that just won’t go away. The dilution that you use will help get the results that you are looking for, all with safety in mind.

Happy blending,